Anani Villa is a private eco-retreat rooted in the pristine rainforest of Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang. Enhance by the minimalist design, the villa graciously strips away most unnecessary man-made elements. Instead, all lavishness and attention are reserved to the surrounding lush natural environments. Enveloped by secluded haven for most beautiful and rare flora and fauna, it is the perfect place to experience beauty and tranquility mother nature has to offer.

Anani Villa is located just 45km from the hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur; a mere half an hour drive to refresh in the cooling temperature with friends, family, and co-workers. With an equal emphasis on adventure and relaxation, Anani Villa offers a charming getaway both for business and holiday. Team building packages are available to accommodate even the largest group. No doubt the extensive facilities such as fully equipped seminar room and large open spaces will make bonding time at Anani Villa seamless.


 • Nestled within the lush Tanarimba Development in Janda Baik

 • Surrounded by green majestic peaks

 • Overlooking vast valleys of the rainforest

 • A stone’s throw away from clear streams and exhilarating waterfalls

 • 2,300 feet above sea level

 • Temperature at a cooling 23°C