Therapeutic Team Building


For years, leading corporate organizations have put their trust on us to train their top performers because we understand that in order to run a successful and profitable business, staff must constantly be motivated, supported and inspired.

Through a series of carefully executed team building activities and games, employees get to brush up their skills in communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

At Anani Villa, we provide exclusively tailored itineraries to better suit each company so that employees would be directed towards the company’s goals while still having fun and adventures in a relaxing environment.

We aim to assist corporate companies in:
1. Building high-performance teams
2. Implementing continual improvement processes
3. Reducing interpersonal conflicts
4. Improving customers’ satisfaction

Team Development Program

Culture Behaviour Program

An ethical culture represents the organization’s ethics personality, therefore, it is imperative for organizations to constantly remind and train their employees on that matter. Good ethical behavior reflects smart business practices, so we strive to train employees to use ethics as a behavioral guidance in the workplace.


Recreational Program

Encouraging physical and mental health through adventurous recreational programs. We offer a wide variety of outdoor team building activities and games. Every activity available at Anani Villa is designed not just for fun but for personal and team growth. All team building activities are carefully directed towards your organization’s goal.


Leadership Management Training

Leaders are not born overnight, they are created through effective leadership training. Being a great leader means you’re able to manage tasks, function well and know how to behave as a leader. Our training program greatly encourages future leaders to engage the team in reaching collective company’s goal. Get to know how to win them over through inspiring and empowering actions.

Social Responsibility

Make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most. Performing charity work as a team can help build stronger bonds, strengthen communication skills and boost morale. From Charity run, contributions to Orang Asli community, food donations collections, we can help arrange all that for your company. Honestly, these type of team building is the best for any company.


Customer Service Recovery

Organizations need excellent customer service team to compete in today’s customer-oriented environment. Understanding customer’s wants, needs, and expectations are crucial. All this can be achieved by possessing an excellent interpersonal relationship skill which will enable effective communication with customers. Through this program, participants will learn that to ensure sterling service standards, the whole customer service department must work as a team. If sitting down discussing the topic seems a bit boring, rest assure, we can integrate the concept into team building activities instead.


Employee Training

Let us know the specific knowledge and the skills set you wanted your employee to learn so custom-made program may be developed to train your employee. Proper training programs are proven to improve staff’s productivity in their current roles. All this in return will increase company’s performance and revenue.

Team Building Games

Minesweeper - Team Building at Anani Villa

3D Minesweeper (Group Memory Challenge)

Objective: Reach the final tile while avoiding hidden mines.

  • Square shape tiles with imaginary bombs hidden beneath are laid out and arranged on the floor.
  • Strategize a way to avoid the mines.
  • Players stepping on mines will have to start over on square one.
Phua Chu Kang - Team Building at Anani Villa

Phua Chu Kang

Objective: Bring all members into the safe zone.

  • Each group is given only a pair of boots to travel.
  • Every team member can only use the pair of boots once.
  • The group has to create a strategy to get into the safe zone.

Traffic Jam

Objective: Move all team members from point A to point B.

  • All players are divided into 2 groups, sitting on chairs arranged in a line – opposite from each other.
  • The team leaders take charge of the movement made which cannot cross more than one chair.


Nail on Nail

Objective: Stack up all nails given

  • Players may choose to arrange all the nails in whatever way they want.
  • Only one nail must be on the top of the stack.


Bird / Cage / Hunter

Objective: Be the last surviving player.

  • Participants are divided into 3 categories; labeled as either Bird, Cage or Hunter.
  • In each round a Bird has to be paired with a Cage, otherwise, they are eliminated.
  • Players’ labels can be changed after few elimination rounds.


Diamond Roll

Objectives: Move a ping-pong ball from point A to B using only a PVC pipe.

  • In a small group, each participant may only use a finger to steer the PVC pipe.
  • The ping pong ball has to be put into a cup.
  • Participants have to start over when they fail to do so.

Acid River (Trust)

Objective: Team has to travel from point A to point B.

  • Participants are divided into groups and being given a limited supply of wood boards.
  • Team members must avoid stepping on the ground by utilizing the boards.
  • The group has to start over at point A if they touch the ground.


Acid Pool

Objective: Transfer a doll to the designated area.

  • Participants are divided into small groups and are asked to sit in a circle with a doll in the middle.
  • Each participant has to move the doll using only a rope.
  • If the doll falls down, the participant has to start over.


Pipe Tower (Teamwork)

Objective: Develop a tower of PVC pipes by using strings.

  • Each team forms a circle and is given pipes and strings.
  • Only one person may hold the pipes while others control the stability of the tower.
  • The tower must stand stable for at least 30 seconds.